Historic Name Change for Tyne Tunnels (until T2K 2012)

In a major break with tradition theTyne Tunnels will be renamed for the first time in their history during
September 2012 as a tribute to the world’s best wheelchair athletes.

In the run up tothe annual T2K wheelchair race, which takes place this year on the evening ofFriday 14th September, both the northbound and southbound vehicle tunnels will be dedicated to previous and forthcoming T2k athletes to celebrate
their global sporting achievements.

The tunnels have never been known as anything other than the Tyne Tunnels during their lifetimes. TT2’s Chief Executive Officer, Rachel Turnbull, explained the reason for the new tunnel dedications:

“We are immensely proud of the annual Tyne Tunnel 2K wheelchair race. It is a world class event that allows the very best international wheelchair athletes to show off their talents right here on Tyneside.”

“We’re really looking forward to hosting this year’s race, with many of the athletes arriving fresh from the London Paralympics.This will be their first chance to showcase their competitive abilities after the Games, and it’s fantastic that the Tyne
Tunnels will be the venue.”

“To celebrate the incredible achievements of our T2k athletes in the run up to this year’s race, we have decided to dedicate
each vehicle tunnel, on a rolling basis, to our T2k athletic stars. Motorists might drive through The Josh Cassidy Tunnel one day, and The Jade Jones Tunnel the next. We hope that it will raise awareness of our wheelchair race, and get people thinking about what it would take to propel yourself through one of the tunnels in a wheelchair.  It’s an immensely challenging course, and we hope that this will help people to gain some appreciation of what the race involves.”

Each vehicle tunnel will be named after different athletes from tomorrow, 31st August 2012, until 9th September 2012 through use of the Tyne Tunnel electronic display boards,with updates online at www.tt2.co.uk or via Twitter @TT2Limited

PHOTO – North east athlete Jade Jones, pictured here (right) with Mickey Bushell (to her left), will be competing  at the London 2012 Paralympics and T2K 2012. She took part in a showcase T2K event during The Queen’s visit to the Tyne Tunnels in July 2012.

For further information contact Tamsin Greulich, TT2 Communications Manager, on 07866 565 457, t.greulich@tt2.co.uk



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LGV, Van or Bus
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