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Mandy Watson

Mandy Watson
HR/Payroll Manager

Mandy has worked at the Tyne Tunnels for nearly 10 years and is currently responsible for not only the HR and Payroll functions, but also the management of its busy Admin Team. Her varied workload spans everything from recruitment, training and development to the organising of medicals and annual flu vaccinations for the wellbeing of the staff.

to frequently asked

These FAQs are designed to provide answers to questions that are often asked about the Tyne Tunnels. We hope they help you with your queries…

Q1. Do you examine commercial vehicles?
Q2. Can I tow a vehicle through the tunnels?
Q3. Can I pay by credit card?
Q4. Can I get change?
Q5. Why is change no longer available at toll booths?
Q6. Do you check light goods vehicles and caravans?
Q7. Is it cheaper to have a Permit?
Q8. Will I be charged if I breakdown at the Tyne Tunnels?
Q9. I have a dog in the car. Can I go through the tunnels?
Q10. Why should I have my lights on when driving through the tunnels?
Q11. Can I wait in my vehicle at the Tyne Tunnels?
Q12. When is the best time to travel?
Q13. Do the Tunnels ever close?
Q14. Do you charge for caravans/trailers?
Q15. How much is the toll?
Q16. What are your office hours?

Download document. Abnormal Loads & Break Down Recovery

Tyne Tunnel Abnormal Loads

Tyne Tunnels Book

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Tyne Tunnel tolls

Motorbikes, disabled toll Free
Car, Van or Bus
< 3m high
and 2 axles
LGV, Van or Bus
≥ 3m high or
3 axles or more

Avoid the congestion of Newcastle
and the A1 at Gateshead.
Choosing the
A19 Tyne Tunnels will save you time and

Google Maps - http://goo.gl/maps/dqTRd

Using Google Maps with your car or navigation device

GPS - 54°59 16 N 1°29 08 W / 54.98778 °N 1.48556 °W