Connecting Tyneside

Tyne Tunnels by foot, by bicycle, or by motor vehicle.

Hanson Pottinger

Hanson Pottinger
Technical Manager

Originally appointed to manage the IT systems at the Tyne Tunnels, Hanson's role has expanded during the years he has worked here, and now encompasses the management of the full range of technical and maintenance needs at the tunnels.

Tyne Tunnels by foot, by
bicycle, or by motor vehicle

The Tyne Tunnels are located beneath the River Tyne, between the historic towns of Wallsend, in North Tyneside and Jarrow, in South Tyneside.

The tunnels are the only built crossing of the river between the bridges of Newcastle and Gateshead, some seven miles upstream, and the river’s mouth three miles downstream. They provide a vital connection between North and South Tyneside.
TT2 operates and manages the Tyne Tunnels on behalf of the tunnel owners, the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority. TT2 came into existence in October 2007, as Concessionaire for the New Tyne Crossing Project.

TT2 offers customers three different options for crossing the River Tyne – by foot, by bicycle, or by motor vehicle through one of four dedicated tunnels.
The vehicular Tyne Tunnels form part of the A19 strategic route, between North Yorkshire and Northumberland. There are two separate, dual lane, vehicle tunnels, one for northbound traffic and the other for southbound traffic.
The Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels share the same entrance but comprise two separate tunnels, exclusively used by either pedestrians or cyclists. Both the Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels are free to use.

The Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels closed early 2014, and are expected to remain closed until the end of 2018 for refurbishment. During the closure, the North East Combined Authority will be providing a free timetabled shuttle bus service between the hours of 6am and 8pm, seven days a week for both pedestrians and cyclists. Further information is available via www.tynepedestrianandcyclisttunnels.co.uk

The vehicle tunnels join two parts of the A19 Trunk Road and the cyclist tunnel joins with the coast to coast (C2C) Cycle Route. All four Tyne Tunnels are open 24 hours a day and operate every day of the year.

Tyne Tunnels Book

Gift Idea The Tyne Tunnels Book
"How do you build a tunnel under the Tyne?"

This book aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the
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Tyne Tunnel tolls

Motorbikes, disabled toll Free
Car, Van or Bus
< 3m high
and 2 axles
LGV, Van or Bus
≥ 3m high or
3 axles or more

Avoid the congestion of Newcastle
and the A1 at Gateshead.
Choosing the
A19 Tyne Tunnels will save you time and

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