Second Birthday for Tyne Tunnels celebrated with book offer

To celebrate the second anniversary of the two vehicular Tyne Tunnels opening to traffic, TT2, the Tyne Tunnels operator, is offering readers a very special gift – a whopping 70% saving on the Tyne Tunnels book.

The second vehicle tunnel opened to traffic on 21st November 2011, eradicating congestion at one of the worst bottlenecks in the country. Motorists across the North East have seen journey times slashed and opportunities transformed since that date, as the two tunnels provide a reliable, smooth flowing route across the Tyne at all times of the day. Traffic volumes have grown by almost 30% at the tunnels since 2011, but the site remains free of the notorious queues that once plagued the overused river crossing.

The Tyne Tunnels book was published a year ago, to coincide with the first anniversary of the tunnels. Providing an easy to understand, fully illustrated, and fascinating insight into the story behind the Tyne Tunnels, TT2 is delighted to make the book even more enticing, with a special Birthday offer. From now until the New Year the book can be purchased at the reduced price of £5.99, representing a 70% discount off the recommended retail price of £20.

Rachel Turnbull, TT2’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We’ve received some lovely feedback about the book. Not only does it very simply explain how to build a tunnel under the Tyne, which for many of us would otherwise remain a mystery! It also offers a trip down memory lane for anyone who watched the new vehicle tunnel being built. Looking at the people behind the project, and the community who supported it, as well as the big machinery that was needed to make the plans and designs a reality, it has something for everyone.”
“The book also takes a fascinating look at the history of the other tunnels on our site, the first vehicle tunnel and the pedestrian and cyclist tunnels, including rare photographs of The Queen’s 1967 visit to open the first vehicle tunnel. It’s interesting to compare that first visit with her return last year to open the second tunnel.”
“We are selling the book well below its production cost value, as our gift to the people who tolerated the building works and championed the project. We would like to thank them for allowing us to make the vision of the New Tyne Crossing a reality.”

Copies of the Tyne Tunnels book can be purchased online via www.amazon.co.uk or from TT2’s offices in Bewicke Road, Wallsend, NE28 0PD (opening hours 8.30am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday;  closed weekends).

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LGV, Van or Bus
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3 axles or more

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