Tyne Tunnels Anniversary Book

Tyne Tunnels Anniversary Celebrated with Limited Edition Book

A limited edition book about the Tyne’s newest river crossing is due to hit bookshelves this Christmas, in celebration of a year of congestion-free motoring.

On 21 November 2011 the vision of the £260M New Tyne Crossing project was realised as two vehicular Tyne Tunnels came into use, and the notorious traffic jams disappeared. Now, for the first time, the story of how the new tunnel came into existence is to be told in a glossy, fully illustrated, coffee table book.

“The Tyne Tunnels” story is told by those involved in delivering the New Tyne Crossing. It is designed to appeal to a wide audience, with the aim of explaining, in simple terms and beautiful images, how you build a tunnel under the Tyne.

As well as describing the building of the new vehicle tunnel, the book also takes a look at the other Tyne Tunnels that connect North and South Tyneside – the original 1967-built road tunnel, the cyclist tunnel and the pedestrian tunnel.

Rachel Turnbull, CEO of Tyne Tunnels Operator TT2 Limited, says: “We are incredibly proud of the Tyne Tunnels and the impacts they have had on peoples’ lives. We are still being told, one year on, that the tunnels are making a difference to peoples’ lives. We thought we should celebrate this by sharing some of the behind-the-scenes stories and pictures that tell the tale of this unique North East landmark. This is the first time the story of all four Tyne Tunnels has been told, and with only six thousand copies being sold, the book is sure to become a collector’s item.”

Councillor David Wood, Chairman of the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority, who own the Tyne Tunnels, says: “I see this book as the final part of the jigsaw. It’s great to be able to look back on the project, from where we started to where we are today, through the pages of this stunning book. It is a pictorial journey through the history of the Tyne Tunnels, which is sure to appeal to young and old alike. I’m sure it will be a local best seller.”

Copies of the book will be available to buy from TT2’s offices, and other local outlets, from 14 December, at a retail price of £20. However a substantial early bird discount is available for those pre-ordering the book before this date. The pre-order price is only £12, and books can be collected from TT2 from 14 December. Postage and packaging charges apply for postal delivery.


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Car, Van or Bus
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and 2 axles
LGV, Van or Bus
≥ 3m high or
3 axles or more

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and the A1 at Gateshead.
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