Tyne Tunnels’ tolls for HGVs to rise on January 1st

Drivers and operators of HGVs and high-sided vans are reminded that tolls at the Tyne Tunnels are to rise on January 1st as planned before the completion of the New Tyne Crossing project which provided a second vehicle tunnel.

Car drivers will face no increase in tolls and will continue to pay £1.60 per journey. Heavy goods drivers will pay £3.20, an increase of 70p per journey.

In addition, high-sided vans – which account for 0.2 per cent of all tunnels traffic and which were previously classed the same as cars – will be treated as HGVs from January 1st. This is to align them with the automatic tolling technology which distinguishes vehicles by height. Drivers of high-sided vehicles have been informed of the change by staff of the tunnels operator TT2.

Permit holders, motorcycles, and service buses will continue to enjoy their existing benefits.

The coming change is the final stage in the planned uplift in tolls following the completion of the New Tyne Crossing. From 2015, any toll increase will be linked to inflation unless major works are required, in which case tolls could rise by an amount greater than inflation.

Paul Fenwick, Project Director for the Tyne & Wear Integrated Transport Authority (TWITA), which owns the tunnels, said: “This increase in tolls was planned in 2007 as part of the financing of the New Tyne Crossing, which has made such a positive difference to motorists and businesses.

“Since both tunnels became operational in November 2011, journey times have reduced significantly and around 14,000 additional journeys are made through them every day.”

Tyne Tunnel tolls

Motorbikes, disabled toll Free
Car, Van or Bus
< 3m high
and 2 axles
LGV, Van or Bus
≥ 3m high or
3 axles or more

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