Barrierless Operation is available on Prepaid Only Lanes at the Tyne Tunnels. Read about how it works here
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Barrierless Operation on Pre-paid Only Lanes at Tyne Tunnels

Barrierless Operation on Pre-paid Only Lanes at Tyne Tunnels

Barrierless Operation on Pre-paid Only Lanes at Tyne Tunnels

Pre-paid customers will soon find that there are no barriers at the dedicated pre-paid lanes at the Tyne Tunnels, as they are replaced by a camera enforced traffic light system.

Customers who are familiar with the ANPR system will see that the lanes still function the same way, but there will no longer be an active barrier on pre-paid only lanes, which instead operate off a camera enforced traffic light system. Customers must still be prepared to stop and wait for the green light before continuing their journey. This is the first step towards barrierless operating at the Tunnels as part of our Tyne Pass project.

How does barrierless operation work?

Customers can approach the pre-paid barrierless toll lanes at no more than 5mph. Enter the lane and stop at the sign and before the white stop line on the floor. Once the traffic signal turns green you can carry on as normal.

These images depict the new signs that you will see at the lane.

Barrierless Toll Lane Barrierless Lane 2

Which lanes can you use?

If you have a pre-paid account, then you can make use of the pre-paid barrierless lanes. Available at:

  • Northbound lanes 5 & 6
  • Southbound lanes 2, 3 & 10

When are barrierless lanes coming?

The new barrierless operation lanes will be available to use from Wednesday 2 December 2020.

Follow these steps for passing through the pre-paid barrierless lanes:

  • Approach the pre-paid toll lane at a maximum speed of 5 mph.
  • Be prepared to stop at the white line in the pre-paid toll lane for the camera to read your car registration plate or for your tag to be read by the antenna.
  • Wait for the light to turn green, then proceed with your journey as normal.

PLEASE NOTE: Failing to make payment of the appropriate toll charge through failure to comply with the traffic signals in lane and notice published on behalf of the Authority by TT2 as operator of the Tyne Tunnels, will result in an Unpaid Toll Charge Notice being issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Who can use the pre-paid barrierless lanes?

Anyone with a Tyne Tunnels pre-paid account can use the pre-paid barrierless lanes. This applies to both customers who have their car registrations read by the ANPR system, and those that have a tag read by the antenna.

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