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Tyne Tunnels
Tyne Tunnels

The environmental conditions provided to customers using the vehicle tunnels are monitored continuously.

TT2 is strongly committed to managing its environmental impacts as carefully as possible, and constantly seeks opportunities to improve its environmental performance.

A range of initiatives are running across the organisation towards this aim.

TT2 actively drives an ethos of waste minimisation, with a tiered approach to re-use, reduce, and recycle. All staff are supported in recycling day-to-day items such as soft drinks cans, plastic cups, office paper and cardboard packaging. Corporately TT2 also manages its resources and waste products as efficiently as possible, minimising waste arisings wherever possible and recycling items that are spent.

Air Quality
A fully automated air quality control and ventilation system has been installed in the Tyne Tunnels and the tunnel portals to maintain acceptable air quality standards.