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Northbound Plaza Works: Changes to Lanes

You might have noticed that we have been making improvements to the Northbound Plaza this week.

The changes that are being put in place will enable the implementation of dedicated pre-paid only lanes, something our customers have been asking for. These pre-paid only lanes will be located at Lanes 5 & 6 and new signage will be in place next week, making it easily identifiable for those customers with a pre-paid account to be able to use these lanes.

The dividing wall that previously separated traffic in Lanes 7 & 8 from the rest of the plaza has been moved. From the 8 August the dividing wall will sit between Lanes 5 & 6.
Lanes 7 & 8 are now for local traffic routes only, Lane 6 can be used for access to both the A19 or local routes.

Please note that if you do use Lane 6 for local route access you will need to safely merge in to Lane 7 after the Plaza.


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