Barrierless Operation is available on Prepaid Only Lanes at the Tyne Tunnels. Read about how it works here
Tyne Tunnels
Tyne Tunnels

Top-up your Account

Call our automated telephone line 24 hours a day on 0191 5740030

You will be asked for your account number and chosen payment method so please have these ready when you call.

Customer notice: 

All account numbers are now 6 digits long. If you have been an account holder for a while, you may have an 8 digit account number or a 5 digit account number.

If you have an 8 digit account number beginning in 000, please remove the first two 0’s when topping up.
If you have a 5 digit account number, please add a 0 to the front of your account number when topping up.

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