Tyne Tunnels
Tyne Tunnels

How to use the Toll Plazas

Every toll lane can accept permit payments, but not all lanes will accept cash payments. Please note that some lanes are designated and clearly signed as Permit Only (‘P’ above them).

If you wish to pay by cash please do not use the designated Permit Only lanes.

If you have a pre-paid account (click here to apply for one), the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system camera will read your number plate and the barrier will rise automatically. If this does not happen please press the HELP button and speak to the Operations Controller.

Please note: it can take up to five working days for your pre-paid account to be registered, so leave plenty of time before your journey to apply for one.

Change cannot be provided at the toll lanes. Change machines are located on the approach to the toll plazas so that you can be sure you have the correct money to pay the toll.

Copper coins (2 pence and 1 pence pieces) cannot be accepted at the toll machines.

Credit & Debit Card Payments. Toll plaza credit card transactions can not be carried out automatically at the toll lane. Payments by card require staff assistance using hand held machine. This will take longer than cash or permit payments and can cause delays for other users. If you have to pay by credit/debit card press the red HELP button located at each toll lane.

If you encounter any difficulties please press the red HELP button located at each toll lane. One of our traffic officers will be happy to assist you.