Make a payment for your journey when the Blue Badge user was not in the vehicle

If you have made a journey on a Blue Badge account and the Blue Badge holder was not present, please fill in the below form to make your payment.

After you have submitted the below form with your journey details, we will send you a payment link to the provided email address for the journey(s) or deduct the toll from your Pre-Paid account manually at the lower rate of £1.71. This deduction will read as a “Correction” on your account.

    Blue Badge FAQs

    I have a Blue Badge but don’t drive. How do I register?

    You can register a vehicle driven by a family member or friend as your designated vehicle. Please remember that unless the Blue Badge holder is in the vehicle the driver will have to pay the toll/charge.

    Does the Blue Badge holder have to be in the vehicle for the journey to qualify as a free passage?

    Yes. If the Blue Badge holder is not in the vehicle then the driver of the vehicle will have to pay the toll charge.

    Can I register more than one vehicle against the same Blue Badge?

    No. You can only register one vehicle per Blue Badge holder.

    I sometimes travel in different vehicles – which one should I register?

    You should register your most used vehicle, but you can change the Vehicle Registration Number registered against your exemption once a month. If you are in a different vehicle not registered against your exemption, please pull into an inspection lane and present your Blue Badge.

    How do I register with TT2?

    The easiest way to register is online here, you can also apply by post. Download, print and complete the application form, returning it to:

    TT2 Limited

    Administrative Building


    Tyne & Wear

    NE28 0PD.

    What happens if I don’t register?

    If you don’t register, you will be required to pull into an inspection lane. A staff member will then validate your exemption for you to continue on your journey.