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You will be able to drive straight through the Tyne Tunnels from November. Pre-pay or pay by midnight the day after your journey Learn more

Make a payment after your journey

Pay your toll using our pay later service (Schedule of Charge), pay a UTCN or make an appeal.

Make a payment after your journey

Urgent Customer Notice

If you use a permit tag, soon, it will be deactivated and will no longer work. This is because we are moving to Open Road Tolling meaning there will be no need for you to stop; our cameras will identify your vehicle registration number as you travel through the Tunnels. Whether you are a Pre-paid or a Blue Badge exempt customer, please click the link below.

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Toll charges

Pay in cash when you arrive at the tolls, pay later with a Schedule Of Charge slip, or use our dedicated pre-paid lanes designated for pre-paid account holders.

Paying a Toll
Vehicle Cost 10% discount Pre-Paid Account
Disabled registered
Free N/A
Car, Van or Bus
less than 3m high
with 2 axles
£1.90 £1.71
LGV, Van or Bus
3m high or more
or 3 axles or more
£3.70 £3.33

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