Appeals Process


Tyne Tunnel understand that on occasion mitigating circumstances affect the users ability to pay the toll on time. On these occasions the customers have the opportunity to appeal the charge. Where applicable TT2 will ask for documentation to verify events and provide a consistent and fair assessment of cases.

What do you need to know?

  1. You have the right to appeal each case three times.
  2. Each customer will receive 14 days respite from charge increases during the entirety of the appeals process. Once this respite time has ended your case may escalate.
  3. Your charge will not increase whilst we assess your appeal.
  4. All correspondence will cease until your appeal is responded to.
  5. A Customer Service Agent will assess your appeal on an individual basis. All appeals are assessed against a set of agent guidelines. The guidelines are reviewed on a regular basis, and agreed with managing bodies. The guidelines aim to ensure consistent and fair assessment of each appeal.
  6. If you elect to pay your UTCN charge before submitting an appeal, your appeal will not receive a response as payment closes the case.
  7. We aim to respond to all appeals within 14 days.
  8. You will receive a response via the method you appealed (email or post).
  9. If your charge has been referred to our 3rd party debt collection agency you must appeal via their escalation procedure.
  10. When you raise an escalation directly with the 3rd party collection agency the appeal will be referred to TT2 and assessed by a manager. The result will be communicated by the 3rd party collection agency only.

If you have exhausted the appeals process and are still dissatisfied with the outcome or would like a further review of your appeal, you will need to follow our complaints process. Please see the details here.

Please note we do not accept appeals via email or social media.

Tyne Tunnels Appeals Regulatory Information

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