We do not routinely examine commercial vehicles however drivers of hazardous OR abnormal loads must report before entering the Tunnels.

Yes, but it will need to be checked before entering either of the tunnels. Please pull into the inspection lay-by on approaching the tunnel. Towed vehicles will be charged separately unless entirely under the control of the towing vehicle i.e. no driver is present in the towed vehicle.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a specialised camera system capable of reading vehicle number plates. The vehicle registration number is read and instantly checked against our database of vehicles registered on pre-paid or exempt accounts.

Incorrect Spacing
It is crucial to have the digits spaced correctly. If you are unsure of the required spacing for your registration, you can check how it is displayed on your V5C logbook (or your V778/V750 if you are yet to receive your V5C). Spacing incorrectly makes your plate harder to read by the ANPR cameras.

Placing of Bolts
Sometimes bolts can make a letter or number look like a different digit from a distance. This could make your registration look like a completely different combination, a combination that might be registered to another vehicle.

The Wrong Font
There is a specific font that is used on UK plates, which allows it to be clearly read and each letter and number to be easily identified. The standard font used is ‘Charles Wright’.

Incorrect Background
Applying non-standard backgrounds, colours or even stickers can interfere with the ANPR reading. The front plate must be the standard white background, while the rear plate must be the standard yellow background.

3D and 4D Number Plates
If you have a 3D or 4D number plate the ANPR will not be able to read it correctly. Please be aware that if you wish to use the ANPR prepaid accounts you will need to have a standard number plate.

Invalid Flags
Some people like to add a flag to their plates but it must be positioned correctly and must be a valid flag as only a set number of flags are permitted on a UK plate. These are:

  • EU Flag (Please note; we suspect this might change in the future due to Brexit)
  • St. George Cross
  • Union Jack
  • Red Dragon of Wales
  • Scottish Saltire (St Andrew Cross)

Change machines are located before the toll lanes so that customers can get change without delaying other users.

Credit and debit card payments cannot be made directly through the toll machines. To pay by credit card a Pay Later Schedule of Charge ticket must be taken at the point of crossing. You can then pay online using your card by before midnight the following day.

Light goods vehicles and caravans no longer need to be inspected. However, drivers of hazardous loads must report to a member of TT2 staff before entering the tunnels.

Yes. It is 10% cheaper to have a pre-paid account, and it can be topped up 24/7 online or by telephone. There is also a dedicated lane on either side of the Tunnels for drivers with pre-paid accounts for a quicker journey (‘P’ above the lanes).

Yes, as we will need to move your vehicle as quickly as possible. For details please see our Breakdown Recovery page.

Yes. Only animals that are not in a vehicle are banned from travelling through the tunnels.

The tunnel is no different to a well lit road at night. Hence you are required to switch on your headlights upon entering the tunnel for your safety, and the safety of other motorists.

If necessary, you may wait in the lay-bys for a short while, after authorisation by Tunnel staff.

Some congestion maybe experienced during peak periods; weekday mornings from 7.00 – 9.00am and evenings from 4.30 – 6.00pm. Traffic volume is normally heavier heading north in the morning and south in the evening. Outside of these times you can normally travel without delay.

The tunnels are open 365 days per year, however some single lane closures are necessary to ensure the maintenance and safe operation of our site. Further short duration (approximately 20 minute) full closures of the tunnels are sometimes necessary to deploy traffic management and to complete certain maintenance activities.

During lane closures reduced speed limits (10mph) are in operation, please comply with all road signage and instructions given by tunnel staff. Additional closures may be required to address priority issues, where possible these closures will be advertised in advance on social local media and our web site.

No. There is no additional charge for caravans or other trailers. However the vehicle pulling the trailer will be required to pay the appropriate toll.

The current toll is:
Motorcycle FREE
Car, Van or Bus 3m high and 2 axles £1.90
LGV, Van or Bus 3m high or more or 3 axles or more £3.70

The office opening hours are open Monday to Friday 08:15 – 19:00, Saturday 09:00 – 13:00 & Sunday 09:00 – 12:30. The office is closed during public holidays.

Direct Debit is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to pay. You pay an agreed amount each month directly from your bank account and your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

You can sign up to our Direct Debit by logging into your Pre-paid account via the Tyne Tunnels App or on our website. You can sign up online using our paperless system or if you are a business and your bank account requires two signatories for authorisation you can complete a paper Direct Debit mandate form.