Tyne Tunnels Independent Financial Advice Service

What can we offer at Tyne Tunnels?

TT2 are always committed to working with their customers, and have their best interests in mind.

With the above in mind, TT2 have created an affiliation with a company called PayPlan. PayPlan offer free financial advice if you are struggling with multiple payments to multiple creditors. Please see the advice page using this link to see if you qualify.

If you feel you meet the criteria detailed in the link above, you can call TT2 on 0191 574 0031 and an agent with help refer you for free financial advice. You will be afforded up to 30 days breathing space from any payments as a one-off agreement. This breathing space will be stopped when TT2 hear back from PayPlan regarding your circumstances.

You can also self-refer yourself to PayPlan using this link, however if you self-refer, the 30-day (maximum) breathing space cannot be applied until TT2 are contacted by PayPlan directly.

If you are still unsure whether to use our free financial advice service, please call our contact centre on 0191 574 0031 and an agent can discuss this with you.

Citizens Advice Bureau

If you have had prior contact with a debt relief company, you may not be eligible for a current financial assessment with PayPlan. If this is the case, we recommend contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau who can assist with this.

Citizens Advice Bureau

TT2 are not authorized to conduct financial assessments and prefer these to be provided by an independent body.