How to Add a Vehicle Registration to Your Account

This guide is for our website. To find out how to add a vehicle registration number to your account via our app, click here.

Before travelling, it’s important to add your Vehicle Registration Number and top up your account with funds.

Step 1 – To add your Vehicle Registration Number, click “View vehicles”.

Step 2 – Then click “Add a vehicle”.

Step 3 – Type in your Vehicle Registration Number then click “Find vehicle”.

Step 4 – Choose which class your vehicle is, and click “Add vehicle”.

Your Vehicle Registration Number will then be added to your account. You can check this in the “View vehicles” section shown in Step 1.

Looking to remove a Vehicle Registration Number from your account?

Step 1 – Go to “View Vehicles” on the My Account tile.

Step 2 – Next to your vehicle registration number, click “Remove”.