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I’ve added my vehicle to my Pre-Paid account, but I can’t see my passages

If any passages you have already made are not yet appearing on your account, please check that you have:

1. Added the correct vehicle


2. You have sufficient funds to cover all passages

Provided you have completed both of these actions within the payment window (by midnight the day after travel), no further action is required. 

  • Your passage has gone for a manual review by one of our agents. Please allow up to 7 days for this to be done and for the passage to appear on your account. You must ensure your account has sufficient funds for all passages through the Tyne Tunnels. 
  • Guest payments are used before funds are deducted from accounts. If your passage does not show on your account within the 7 days you may have a guest payment credit which has been used.  

You can check remaining paid guest passages here.

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