How to Pay

You can pay online, via our app, as well as our automated telephone payment line.


If you want to pay by cash, please visit a PayPoint retailer.

Please be aware we do not accept American Express as a card payment.

If you have a Pre-Paid account (click here to apply for one), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras inside the Tunnels will read your Vehicle Registration Number as you drive straight through the Tunnels at normal speed.

You now have the option upon sign up to create a personal, or business account.

Personal Account – Manage multiple vehicles on up to two accounts which can each have their own funds.

Business Account – Split your fleet of vehicles into groups under one account. There is no limit on the number of accounts you can have under a business account.

Simply ensure your Vehicle Registration Number is added to your account, as well as topping up your account with enough funds before travel.

You can top-up your account via our website, App or automated telephone payment line on 0191 574 0030.

Find out about the benefits of a Pre-Paid account here and how to create one here.

Learn more about the benefits of signing up for a Pre-Paid account here:

Auto Top-up

Always have sufficient credit for your journeys with Auto Top-up. Learn more.

Having trouble making a payment? Click here for our help page.

Pay for Passage allows you to pay for journeys without having to set up a Pre-Paid account.

You can:

  •         Pay in advance for your journey or by midnight the day after your journey
  •         Purchase up to 10 journeys up 1 year in advance

Once payment is successful, you will receive an email with the payment details and the receipt ID.

If you have bought one off journeys in advance, you will be able to check how many you have remaining using the “View remaining Journeys” feature on our website. Simply enter your Vehicle Registration Number you used when purchasing your journeys, and the receipt ID that would have been emailed to you after purchase.

To see a step-by-step tutorial of how pay for passage works, click here.

Having trouble making a payment? Click here for our help page.

Our automated telephone payment line is available on 0191 574 0030. This allows you to:

  •         Top up your Pre-Paid account
  •         Pay after you have drove through the Tunnels, by midnight the day after your journey
  •         Purchase up to 10 one off journeys, up to 1 year in advance
  •         Pay a UTCN

Having trouble making a payment? Click here for our help page.

Cash payments can no longer be accepted at the point of passage. If you’d still like to pay by cash, you can do so at a PayPoint retailer. The closest one is only 300 metres away from the Tyne Tunnels. Find a map of all PayPoint retailers here.

You can use PayPoint retailers to:

  •         Pay for a journey after driving through the Tunnels by midnight the day after your journey
  •         Buy up to 10 journeys in advance

You will receive a receipt showing:

  •         The total amount
  •         The number of journeys
  •         The Vehicle Registration Number
  •         Receipt ID (reference “REF” number)

You can use the “REF” on your receipt to check how many journeys you have remaining out of the 10 you can buy in advance here.