Why has my payment not been accepted?

Recent government legislation means that banks now need to run a number of security checks before they release funds to a company. This is called 3DS authentication. For 3DS authentication to be processed between the bank and us, we must install software to ensure fraudulent activity is not taking place. Each bank will set their own parameters as to what constitutes as a possible fraudulent transaction. If your payment meets one of your bank’s parameters for possible fraudulent activity, your payment can not be collected by TT2, and we advise that you contact your bank.

Please check the below tips to help reduce any faults during the payment process:

  • Please ensure pop up blockers are uninstalled from the device you are using. Pop up blockers can stop 3DS authentication pages from loading.
  • If you are using our app, make sure it’s updated to the most recent version.
  • If you are using a browser on an Apple iOS device, we recommend using the most up to date version of Safari.
  • Please ensure you have a strong internet connection (10% of failed transactions are due to a weak internet connection).
  • Be patient when the 3DS page is loading. This can take over 1 minute for the page to load. This page is sourced from your bank.
  • If the 3DS page doesn’t load, try again in a few minutes.
  • If using an iPhone/iPad ensure your device is running the most up to date version of iOS. Old versions of iOS may not support the new 3DS software.
  • If a prior payment from your card has been rejected, future payments will not be successful due a block on your card and we would recommend you contact your bank.

Common input errors whilst making payment:

  • A common reason for payments failure due to input error is how your card expiry date is inputted. Your expiry date should be inputted in the following format: mm/yy. Commonly errors occur when inputting the expiry date as mm/yyyy.
  • The second most common reason for payment failure due to input error is the CVV code is incorrectly input. The CVV code is the 3 digits on the back of your card, close to or on the signature strip.
  • The third most common reason for payment failure due to input error is the name and address of the account holder input does not match the bank’s records. Please ensure these details match.

If you are still experiencing issues after the above checks, call our Customer Contact Centre on 0191 574 0031 and we can offer alternative methods of payment. Please find our other methods of payment here.

We continue to work closely with banks to ensure all payments are securely processed.