Breakdown and Emergencies

Charges and Safety

Breakdown Services

Incident/Breakdown Intervention/Recovery

A charge of £100.00 per hour (inc VAT) is applicable to all vehicles (including motorcycles) subject to TT2 Incident/Breakdown Intervention and/or Recovery of vehicles from TT2 Live lanes to a place of safety within the confines of TT2 property. Payment terms apply.

Standard HGV Recovery

A charge of £360.00 (inc. VAT) is applicable for service provided by Alpha Recovery, to recover ‘Standard HGV’s’ (all wheels rolling and upright) for any weight up to 44T. Payment terms apply.

Specialist HGV Recovery

A charge, bespoke to requirement dependent on incident/breakdown, is applicable for ‘Specialist HGV Recovery’ (outside of the Standard HGV Recovery service) provided by Alpha Recovery.  This service is for vehicles such as (but not limited to) Cranes, Plant & Machines, Winching and Lifting, Rolled Over Vehicles or Major Incident. Payment terms apply.

Car Parking

Parking charges for vehicles and trailers, which are not removed from TT2 property within 24 hours, are applicable at £16.50 per day (or part thereof), inclusive of VAT, and subject to payment terms.

Before leaving a vehicle unattended on TT2 property, for any reason, drivers are required to report to a uniformed officer of TT2 Limited.


TT2 Limited will not accept responsibility for loss whilst vehicles, trailers or their contents are parked at their site. Vehicles may be removed to a secure compound after 48 hours. Any vehicles left on TT2 Limited property are liable to be searched.

Important Information

A Schedule of Charge/ Service Agreement (SOCSA) will be issued (where possible) to the driver, at the time of the incident, specifying the charges applicable.

All charges are subject to Payment Terms which are strictly 5 days from the date of the Agreement.

A late payment penalty fee of up to £100.00 will be applied, in addition to the charge(s) incurred, and pursued by TT2 Limited, should payment not be received within the stipulated payment terms.

Failure to receive payment will result in the Registered Keeper details for the vehicle being obtained and an invoice issued.

All debt will be pursued if payment is not received accordingly.

Tyne Tunnel Safety Systems

TT2 has installed the latest safety systems in the tunnels which include high pressure mist systems, ventilated escape galleries and evacuation systems.  The TT2 control room will provide emergency information via the public address system. Please pay attention to the announcements and follow any instructions given.

Traffic Surveillance

CCTV systems continually monitor the tunnels and alert staff of any stationary vehicle, pedestrian or fire inside the tunnels. This will activate an appropriate response to the situation detected.

Emergency Points

Emergency Points are installed in both tunnels at 50m intervals. At each emergency point there is an emergency telephone, a fire alarm break glass call point and fire extinguishers and escape doors are provided at 100m intervals. These will provide safe access to the escape gallery where clean air is maintained by pressurisation fans.

Tyne Tunnel Safety Information


Breakdown and Emergencies