Why pay a Toll?

The Tyne Tunnels have always had a toll system in place.

The construction of both Tyne Tunnels was self-funded (the first one partly) and so ultimately paid for by the people that use them through toll revenue.

The Tyne Tunnels are private roads that do not benefit from centrally-funded maintenance, refurbishment or operational support.

As a private road it is vital that tolls continue to be collected to cover the costs to pay for the operation and maintenance of the tunnels.

Who sets the toll levels?

The North East Combined Authority (NECA) decides what the toll levels should be, through a publicly accountable decision-making process, and TT2 collects the tolls on their behalf.

A proportion of the toll revenues are returned to TT2, with the remainder staying with NECA.

NECA is responsible for the maintenance of the Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels and the toll revenues that NECA receives from the vehicle tunnels fund these improvement and maintenance works.