Lease/Hire/Rental Company Customer Authorisation Form

Once this form has been fully completed and verified by Tyne Tunnels, all of your customers will be authorised to speak on your company’s behalf regarding the Unpaid Toll Charge Notice(s) (UTCN). To efficiently process any refunds, we require a key point of contact and set refund details for the company. All correspondence regarding the UTCNs will be sent to the key point of contact listed, and all refunds will be processed to the bank account detailed on this authorisation form. Lastly, you will need to provide a signed and dated letter from your company agreeing to provide authority to all customers in relation to appealing a UTCN. This authorisation will only be effective once the application has been verified by Tyne Tunnels.

Please ensure you fully resubmit the form if there are any changes to these details and we will update our records.

Please fill out all of the details below to ensure that we can accept this authorisation. If all details are not complete, we will be unable to process the authorisation.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email us using your own enquiry form linked here.

    Refund Card Details