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Top 10 Walking Destinations in the North East

📍Gun walks at Cragside

🚗Approx. 47 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Embark on the Armstrong’s’ Gamekeepers’ Trail, tracing their path through rock formations and craggy paths. This invigorating hike takes you through the heart of the grounds, offering a challenging and rewarding experience.

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📍Embleton Bay, Northumberland

🚗Approx. 58 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Ideally undertaken during sunny weather and at low tide, this stroll unveils the charm of one of Britain’s most beautiful beaches. Along the way, you’ll find Dunstanburgh Castle and Beadnell Harbour. Here you’ll find serene waters and small fishing boats with Viking origins, adding a touch of history to the scenic landscape.

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📍High and Low Force waterfalls, Upper Teesdale

🚗Approx. 1 hour, 22 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Beginning at Bowlees Visitor Centre, the walk passes through a kissing gate and Wynch Bridge to the Pennine Way. Spot the River Tees at Low Force, marked by an impressive sheep sculpture. The path follows the river, adorned with rare globe flowers and birdseye primrose.

Ascend through juniper woodland to witness the spectacular High Force waterfall, plunging 21 meters over ancient Whin Sill rock into a mesmerizing pool below. A truly breathtaking sight!

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📍Craster to Low Newton

🚗Approx. 54 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Experience a coastal adventure like no other on this walk, find splendid views and endless stretches of sandy bay. Commence your journey from the picturesque fishing village of Craster, where you’ll venture past the remnants of Dunstanburgh Castle and Embleton Sands. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the beautiful destination of Low Newton by the Sea.

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📍Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

🚗Approx. 1 hour, 54 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Follow in the footsteps of Roman legionaries along Hadrian’s Wall, the most intact Roman fortification in Britain. Whether you choose to begin the full 84-mile coast-to-coast journey, starting from Bowness-on-Solway in the west and concluding at Wallsend in the east, or opt for a shorter portion, this walk stands as the crown jewel of England’s scenic trails.

The path unveils the remains of the historic wall, passing by Roman settlements, forts, and bustling market towns along the way.

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📍Allen Banks Morralee Tarn

🚗Approx. 51 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Venture into the Morralee Woods, situated on the eastern banks of the River Allen, and meander through Northumberland’s ancient woodland. Then move upward to the Morralee Tarn. This was the inspiration for the original Victorian boating lake.

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📍Alnmouth to Warkworth, Northumberland

🚗Approx. 49 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Embark on a scenic seven-mile coastal walk, ideal for both seasoned hikers and beginners. Roam through dunes to a serene beach, with the pretty town of Alnmouth on one end and the medieval Warkworth Castle on the other.

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📍Sycamore Gap

🚗Approx. 58 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Begin a captivating walk from the visitor centre, leading you to the Roman Fort. Follow the World Heritage Roman wall footpath, enjoying the iconic Sycamore Gap and absorbing the beautiful countryside views along the way.

On your return, venture along the historic Roman Military Way. Please note that the terrain may be uneven and occasionally covered with stone. Ensure you wear suitable footwear and exercise caution while walking on uneven ground.

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📍Hareshaw Linn, Northumberland

🚗Approx. 1 hour, 5 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Experience a spectacular, three-mile walk through Northumberland National Park. The Hareshaw Linn track winds along a wooded valley to a stunning waterfall, a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its rare lichens and ferns. Watch for red squirrels, great spotted woodpeckers, and wood warblers.

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📍The Souter Lighthouse trail

🚗Approx. 20 minutes from the Tyne Tunnels

Begin a two-mile walking trail, where the journey explores more than just a lighthouse by the coast. Pass through the coastal footpaths to stumble upon a village, a nature reserve once a colliery, rock formations, and a picturesque bay. This trail promises an adventure filled with historical wonders and natural beauty.

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