Apprenticeships at TT2

TT2 have been committed to providing apprenticeships for over 18 years, providing a hands-on approach for people to construct their career paths in various functions including Marketing, HR, Projects, IT, Maintenance and more.

TT2 currently have apprentices in Marketing, Project Management IT, HR and Data Analysis.

We also have apprentices who have successfully completed their apprenticeship and are now full-time members of staff.


Marketing Assistant – Thomas

Thomas started as a Digital Marketing Apprentice with QA Apprenticeships in September 2020, finishing his training in December 2021, and is now a full-time Marketing Assistant.

“I really enjoyed my apprenticeship. I was lucky to be involved in the Tyne Pass project and it was a great learning experience.”

“I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with my career, but the Digital Marketing apprenticeship was very diverse going into many aspects of marketing and allowed me to gain a lot of experience in social media, email marketing, graphic design, paid advertising, managing our website/ app CMS systems and more. This really helped shape the areas of marketing I’d like to progress further with in my career.”

“I’m glad to be continuing my career with TT2 and learning new things every day.”

“My apprenticeship has been so much more than I thought it would be. I’ve held a lot of responsibility throughout my time here.”


Social Media & Marketing Apprentice – Rachael

Rachael started her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with QA Apprenticeships in January 2023 and is entering her gateway preparation for completion in March 2024.

“When I was in sixth form I realised that university wasn’t going to be the route for me, as I didn’t really enjoy sixth form at the time. I done some research and realised that gaining hands-on experience and being on the job was something that I wanted to do.”

“I have a supportive group around me and a team that was able to provide the right help, made me overcome any challenges a lot easier.”

“I would advise anyone who is considering an apprenticeship to definitely do one, as you gain on-the-job experience and new life skills.”


Project Administration Apprentice – Jackson

Jackson started his apprenticeship with Access Training in April 2023.

“I wanted to get some workplace experience while also learning and working towards getting a qualification as well.”

“Organisation was a skill I had to improve on, such as when we were doing the 4th floor renovations as this was a project that I’ve solely done myself. Also, my time management skills to get things over a deadline.”

“It’s a really good way to work, to get some experience working and also learning as well. My advice would be just to go for it.”


HR Apprentice – Ellisha

Ellisha started her HR Apprenticeship with Access Training in June 2023.

“For me, I knew I wanted to do HR. That then led me to looking for an apprenticeship. I think an apprenticeship offers real-life exposure, on-the-job experience, and training as well as a qualification.”

“A challenge for me was the team building away days as there was so much to think about, and I probably underestimated the task a little bit. I just looked at previous years for advice really”

“I think the most valuable skill that I’ve learned would be being proactive with multi-tasking and managing my time.”


Internal Communications Apprentice – Alfie

Alfie started his Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with QA Apprenticeships in March 2023.

“Originally, I was enrolled in university. However, I thought that I wasn’t really getting the full experience that I wanted to. In terms of knowledge and experience in a certain field.”

“12 Days of Christmas campaign was a challenging task. I had to do a lot of work towards it, so it took a lot of time management and a lot of organisation.”

“I would certainly say to really consider an apprenticeship. It’s a really useful thing that I think you can take with you anywhere to say that you’ve got. As well as the education that you learn from it, you also get a lot of hands-on experience.”


Data Analyst Apprentice – Jake

Jake started his Data Analyst Apprenticeship in November 2022.

“Initially, I went to university for a year and found out that the method of going into the classrooms and learning just wasn’t for me, and I felt like I wasn’t taking anything in.”

“There is more statistical analysis within the apprenticeship modules itself, which I found quite difficult at first but with just more studying and looking into it more it all came together and I am able to do that now.”

“Just got for it, it’s a great way to learn and manage your skills at the same time and develop yourself further.”