Career Paths

Career Development & Training Opportunities

With a team dedicated for training staff, we always have new opportunities to help progress your career and learning. Such as, IOSH Working/ Managing Safely courses, First Aid training and more. We are dedicated to our staff, including a portion of people who have been with us for more 30-40 years. Our dedication to our staff continues as we are currently developing career progression programmes for future leaders at TT2.

Role Insights

The purpose of the Customer Operations department is to ensure customers travel from one side to the other side of the river as safely and efficiently as possible.

They provide an effective first response to emergency incidents and maintain traffic flow safely with minimum disruption.

As well as this, the team maintains the safety of all personnel on site and of the customers travelling through the tunnels/controlling traffic and managing any tunnel closures.

The marketing team at TT2 are responsible for managing and delivering marketing campaigns, managing our social media presence, PR and keeping staff up to date on the latest updates.

Apprenticeships at TT2 have brought new talent into the business and the majority of these people form our marketing department. Virtually all of our apprentices have obtained permanent positions, showing the success and quality of the apprenticeship programme.

Our current marketing apprentice is working in our social media team:

“Working at TT2 is incredibly rewarding and all the staff are very supportive and helpful. Working as I learn has helped me to better understand the role of a Digital Marketer and I have learned to apply my new skills to my role.”

The Maintenance team at TT2 implements plans for the inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of assets. They explore opportunities for better efficiency where possible by introducing new technologies, and then monitoring and review its effectiveness.

They are responsible for preventative maintenance schedules, restoring, repairing, rebuilding, or replacing faulty or inoperative components and parts.

Daily and weekly checks are carried out on many different systems and assets onsite. Some of these include regular checks of tunnel vehicles, tunnel ventilation fans, electricity and water meters, traffic lights and calibration of equipment.

TT2 sets out to be an “employer of choice” and by recognising that as a people business, the HR department makes every effort to achieve this by maximising employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

To support diversity, the HR department work to manage an effective recruitment and induction process. TT2 are an equal opportunity employer and considers all applications without attention to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.

The HR department supports the employee life cycle and work to promote a healthy and inclusive environment, including offering facilities to support physical health and access to wellbeing assistance programmes.

They are also responsible for maintaining accurate employee records, updating relevant policies and compliance with all relevant guidance and legislation.

At TT2 we are committed to delivering a first-class customer experience throughout all of our customer interactions, our customer experience agents understand the importance of the role they play in the delivery on our commitments, a comprehensive training programme is delivered through TT2 training academy to equip colleagues with the knowledge and skills required to provide such a service.

The team has seen a large growth since the inception of Open Road Tolling at the Tyne Tunnels, the agents deal with a multitude of tasks across various customer interactions (phone, contact forms, Pay for Passage and more).

The team a driven by continuous improvement and to provide a great service to our customers.

The department’s goal is to develop a positive health and safety culture across the company. Ensuring compliance to all safety, environmental and quality systems and driving best practice across our entire business.

The team ensures that safe behaviour is maintained when working for TT2 and ensures that frameworks are in place to prove safe and healthy working conditions to provide a safe and healthy working space for all staff, and prevents workplace related injuries from taking place.

The Safety and Assurance’s “Safety Champions” programme is a way for staff from all departments across the business to get involved with health and safety in the workplace. With the ability to be trained on IOSH Health and Safety courses, First Aid training, the opportunity to go out on routine safety inspections around our site and in the tunnels, as well as bi-annual forums, this provides many ways to communicate feedback to the team on any health and safety related queries or concerns.

The finance department within TT2 carries out and is responsible for a varied range of activities. Essentially, the team are responsible for the day-to-day transactional accounting for the business; this includes raising purchase orders, processing supplier and customer invoices, reconciling bank and ledger accounts and preparing reporting information as well as all other necessary accounting requirements.

The finance team works closely with budget holders to manage expectations and expenditure, prepare and monitor budgets and ensure that overspends are neutralised where possible. The team play a vital support role in ensuring that the cashflow of the business is sufficient to meet demand for payments to suppliers, banks, TT2 employees and third parties. They also ensure that all taxes are paid to the relevant authority accurately and in a timely manner.

Finally, the finance team work diligently to continuously improve their processes, to ensure that there is a robust control environment in place in order to minimise risk, prevent fraud and maintain shareholder confidence.

The IT department are responsible for managing all computers, servers, software and cloud assets at TT2.

They develop and maintain inspection, testing and maintenance plans of computers, equipment and network security.

The IT department oversee general IT performance, as well as maintaining TT2’s data protection responsibilities.

The department’s goal is to remove barriers to facilitate and catalyse change to enable TT2 to meet its strategic themes.

The team lead in the identification of improvement initiatives across the company, utilising available data to develop a clear business case and ensuring all projects are initiated with clearly defined requirements.

They also look into identifying new opportunities for improvement in existing business processes.