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Reach 1.6 Million Customers in the North East with Tyne Tunnels Advertising

Tyne Tunnels Advertising

For over 56 years, Tyne Tunnels has played an essential role as a vital transport link connecting the North and South of the River Tyne. With a vast and diverse audience at its crossroads, Tyne Tunnels offers an array of advertising opportunities that are not only accessible but also eagerly await exploration.

In this article, we delve into the variation of Tyne Tunnels’ advertising services and unveil how your business can tap into a substantial potential customer base of up to 1.6 million people each month in the North East. Through strategically positioned digital billboards and well-placed ad spaces that see high traffic, Tyne Tunnels presents numerous versatile and highly measurable advertising options suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Advertising Services at Tyne Tunnels:

Southbound & Northbound Advertising Screens: Reach up to 1.6 Million – Make your brand visible to the steady flow of traveler’s using the Tyne Tunnels daily.

Monthly Newsletter: Reach up to 96,000 – Engage with a wide audience through the tunnel’s monthly newsletter.

Social Media: Reach up to 21,000 – Harness the power of social media to captivate potential customers.

App Stories & Offers: Reach up to 27,000 – Utilize the tunnel’s mobile app to showcase your brand’s stories and special offers.

Website Article: Reach up to 500,000 – Get featured on the Tyne Tunnels website with an article about your business.


Reach a large and local audience

Bespoke packages to suit your business needs and budget

See your ad performance with our post campaign reports

Have our creative team design your ads

Reaching 1.6 million customers in the North East has never been easier with Tyne Tunnels advertising. Whether you opt for digital packages, website articles, app stories, or social media adverts, you’ll have the opportunity to make your brand known to a vast and engaged audience.

To explore these advertising opportunities further, contact Tyne Tunnels at [email protected] today. Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with a diverse and ever-growing customer base in the North East.

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