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Upcoming Northbound Tunnel weekend closures from June 7th 2024, with bi-directional layout in Southbound tunnel. Learn more

Northbound Tunnel Weekend Closure – Diversion in Place

Northbound Tunnel Weekend Closure

From 10PM on Friday 24/11/2023 until 5AM on Monday 27/11/2023, the Northbound tunnel will be temporarily closed for planned maintenance and a live emergency training exercise.

During this time, the Southbound tunnel will operate as bi-directional to ensure the necessary works and training can take place.

Here’s what to expect

South Side of River:

Southbound – Continue as normal in one lane.

Please note, the slip road to the Northbound tunnel from Jarrow on the south side of the river is closed. Follow the diversion. Access via A19.

Northbound – Follow cones and diversion signage to cross over to the Southbound carriageway.

North Side of River:

Southbound – Continue as normal in one lane.
Northbound – You will travel through the tunnel in the left lane, follow cones and diversion signage to cross back over to the Northbound carriageway.

As always, we endeavor to minimise traffic disruption and thank you for your patience.

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