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Northbound Tunnel weekend closures from 7th June 2024, with bi-directional layout in Southbound tunnel. Learn more

Toll Change from 1st May 2024

In January 2024, the North East Joint Transport Committee (JTC), Tyne and Wear Sub Committee confirmed that the Tyne Tunnels toll will be increasing to £2.40 for Class 2 vehicles and £4.80 for Class 3 vehicles.

Pre-Paid Account holders will continue to receive a 10% discount on their journey, making the new toll for account holders £2.16 (Class 2) and £4.32 (Class 3).

The Tyne Tunnels are an integral piece of the North East’s road network and are privately operated and maintained roads. The operation and construction costs of the tunnels are solely funded by tolls, not council tax, and the toll change, applied under the terms of the River Tyne (Tunnels) Order, is necessary to cover the running and maintenance costs of the tunnels and repay the costs of the construction of the second Tyne Tunnel, in-line with inflation.

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