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TT2 Announces £12,000 Donations to 12 North East Based Charities for the 12 Days of Christmas

In a gesture of community support, TT2 has initiated a “12 Days of Christmas Donations” program, allocating a total of £12,000 to various charities in the North East. The objective is to address the challenges faced by individuals during the holiday season, particularly those dealing with hardship, bereavement, or illnesses.

TT2 aims to contribute to various causes with a £12,000 donation. The funding is intended to alleviate some of the difficulties faced by community members during what can be a challenging time of the year.

Feeding Families Receives Initial Donation:

On December 12th, TT2 initiated the donation series by providing £1,000 to Feeding Families. The organisation plays a vital role in supplying food to those struggling to provide meals for themselves and their families, aiming to ensure that no one goes hungry during the festive season.

Addressing The BAY Foodbank’s Reduction in Donations:

On December 13th, TT2 directed a £1,000 contribution to The BAY Foodbank in North Tyneside, which has experienced an 80% reduction in donations compared to the previous year. The funding aims to address urgent needs within the community.

Prioritising Mental Health with Anxious Minds:

On the third day of Christmas giving, TT2 extended their support to Anxious Minds, a mental health support services provider. This donation highlights the importance of mental health support, recognising the challenges faced by many during the holiday season.

In addition to the initial donations, TT2 will provide £1,000 each to nine other charities including: Bright Red, Out of Sight, Friends of Sir Charles Parsons, Newcastle Cat & Dog Shelter, Action for Children, Oasis Community Housing, Women’s Aid, Cash for Kids, and The People’s Kitchen.

The “12 Days of Christmas Donations” initiative serves as a conclusion to a year marked by significant contributions from TT2 to various local charities and organisation’s. The company’s commitment to community welfare is evident throughout the year, emphasising the importance of supporting one another, especially during challenging times.

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