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£8,000 Donation to Daft as a Brush

We are “Fuelling the Fleet” for local charity Daft as a Brush for a whole month.

The charity transports cancer patients in the North East to and from hospital but has been hit hard by the rising price of petrol and diesel.

After Daft as a Brush founder Brian Burnie set up an online campaign to help keep the charity running, we decided to donate £8,000 to the charity.

Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care founder, Brian Burnie said:

“With TT2’s donation we can now cover fuel costs for a whole month, for all of our ambulances.

“We are very grateful. Hundreds of people rely on us to get them to their appointments and we can’t let them down.”

Our Customer Operations Manager, Shaun Simmons adds: “Daft as a Brush do an absolutely brilliant job of supporting cancer patients who are going through very difficult times – thanks to a team of around 400 volunteers.

“We are happy that we could help support them during this time, where fuel prices have hit a record high.”

Learn how you can support the charity here

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