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Donation to Mental Health North East

As of 18th December 2020, all staff at TT2 have gone a full year without an injury at work, this has been a great achievement during a particularly challenging year for staff that have continued to work through the pandemic.

To celebrate this, we have decided to donate £1,200 to Mental Health North East, a local charity chosen by staff. We had a really positive response from MHNE and would encourage everyone to follow their socials, donate or get talking and open up the conversation about mental health. They share really useful information in their monthly bulletin which you can find on their Facebook page.

“Thank you so much to you and your colleagues for thinking of Mental Health North East.  The donation will bring a lot of benefit to a small organisation like ourselves who survive on a very small budget. However messages such as yours are a real tonic to our hard working team of volunteers – it is a massive boost to know the work of our organisation is recognised and appreciated.”

Why a mental health charity?

2020 has seen a rise in those that experience mental health problems and according to Mind ‘1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England.’

It’s important we take mental health seriously and create awareness, talk more openly to family, colleagues and friends. Also learning the signs and symptoms of various mental health illnesses which are sometimes hard to identify.

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