Using the Tyne Tunnels for Your Business

Time is money and not taking the optimal route can slow down and hinder your operations.

The Tyne Tunnels strategic route is here to help you get your business’ fleet on the move without the inconvenience the city traffic can bring.

Why should your business use the Tyne Tunnels?

Open Road Tolling at Tyne Tunnels makes travelling across the Tyne faster, easier and smoother.

Our Tyne Pass project saw the removal of our toll plazas at the end of 2021 and the start of driving straight through without stopping.

The average coin payment took 11 seconds and stopping at the barrier as a Pre-Paid customer took 6 seconds, all now saving valuable time on your journey.

Save time, online.

Quickly top up, add vehicles to your fleet and manage your account with our web portal and/or app.

Signing up for a business Pre-Paid account lets you split your fleet into groups, allowing you to manage multiple vehicles with ease.

Save 10% on every journey with a Pre-Paid account.

Note: If you're not an account holder, remember to pay by midnight the day after your journey.

Auto Top-up is an exclusive feature for Pre-Paid accounts holders.

Enhance your experience by not having to manually top up your account for your fleet.

It's simple to set up, only taking a few minutes via our website or app - find out how here.

Easily manage your entire fleet with a Pre-Paid business account

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