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Supporting Children’s Cancer North & Dementia UK thanks to our Employee Core Values Award

As part of our nominations based monthly core values award, in which staff members can nominate their team members & reflect on good work, the winner can choose a charity of their choice to donate £200 to. This month, our two winners chose to support Children’s Cancer North and Dementia UK.

Children’s Cancer North

Children’s Cancer North is a charity with over 40 years of heritage and a simple mission of making children’s lives with cancer, better.

They invest in research to make advancements on how to treat childhood cancer, provide support to children and their families, and raise awareness of children’s cancer.

There are a number of ways you can get involved with charity from making donations, volunteering, participate in or organise events, or support the 101 Challenge. This challenge is based on how approximately 101 children and young people in the North East and Cumbria are diagnosed with cancer every year.

The challenge involves raising £101 (£1 for every child diagnosed in the North East). Click here to learn about the ways to participate in the challenge.

Dementia UK

Dementia affects everyone differently including physically, emotionally or psychologically, as well as changing how you live your everyday life.

Dementia UK is a specialist charity for dementia, with nurses who support and develop continuously life-changing care for families affected by the different forms of dementia.

The nurses help the families affected by helping them to take control, giving people living with dementia the help they need to stay independent for longer.

Events, fundraising and donations are great ways to get involved to support the charity. By doing this, we enable the nurses of Dementia UK to continue to provide the vital support families affected by Dementia need.

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