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TT2 Staff Volunteer at Grace House

This month, TT2 staff volunteered at Grace House.

Grace House offer services to support disabled young people and their families, with a mission to inspire and support them with managing challenges and enjoying the benefits of playing a full part in society.

The services they provide vary from family events, preschool groups, counselling, parent support, work experience, social groups and more.

The volunteering opportunity arose from Grace House to help get their garden into shape for the summer months.

The staff that got involved with Grace House helped to clear the area firstly by deweeding the paths and borders in the garden area.

After this, violets and primroses were planted into the newly rejuventated garden area, followed by planting some sunflowers.

One of our volunteers said: “Grace House were lovely and I really enjoyed the gardening.”

They were greeted with an induction before carrying out the garden work. “The atmosphere there was just lovely. It was a morning well spent.”

There are many ways you can get involved with supporting Grace House. They build services based on what the families need and want, build upon these and look for ways to fund it after. You can get involved with volunteering in the gardens yourself, participating in the weekly lottery or sponsoring an event.

Find out more about supporting Grace House

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