Toll charges

Tolls are payable for use of the vehicle tunnels.

There are separate toll plazas for each tunnel, both of which are located on the north side of the Tyne. Vehicles travelling northbound will be asked to pay their toll after passing through the tunnel, while vehicles travelling southbound pay before entering the tunnel.

Vehicle Cost 10% discount Pre-Paid Account
Disabled registered
Free N/A
Car, Van or Bus
less than 3m high
with 2 axles
£1.90 £1.71
LGV, Van or Bus
3m high or more
or 3 axles or more
£3.70 £3.33

Toll payments can be made with cash, with a Tyne Tunnels online Pre-Paid Account or with the Pre-Paid App. App and online Pre-Paid Accounts offer a convenient, cashless payment option which also includes a 10% toll discount. On each side of the Tunnels there is a dedicated lane for prepaid account permit holders (‘Pre-Paid’ above the lane) for quicker travel. Pre-Paid lanes when travelling northbound are Lanes 5 & 6, and when travelling southbound are 2, 3 & 10.

Start saving today with a 10% discount on all journeys. Pre-Paid is the faster, more convenient option.

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Pay or appeal an Unpaid Toll Charge Notice (UTCN)

Pay or Appeal UTCN

Please note:

Notes and copper coins cannot be accepted at the toll booths and change is not given. Change machines are located on the approach to the toll plazas. Credit and debit card payments must be made using the Pay later option and paying by midnight the following day by following the instructions on the invoice, but the quickest way to pay is by cash or a pre-paid account. Please note we no longer take card payments at the point of crossing.