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TT2 Team Volunteer & Support The Bay Foodbank

In October 2022, we stepped in to support two North East foodbanks, including one that has seen donations drop by nearly 50% because of the cost of living crisis.

We donated £10,000 to The Bay Foodbank in North Tyneside and a further £10,000 to Hebburn Helps in South Tyneside, both of which provide emergency food and toiletries to the people in their local communities.

Our support for local foodbanks continues and this month some team members from TT2 spent the day at The Bay Foodbank volunteering.

The team helped package up parcels for people to come and collect. The parcels varied in size catering for just 1 person, couples and families. After, the team helped replenish the stock and checked dates on existing items.

One team member from TT2, said: “The experience was great! They’re all a lovely bunch of people who really do everything they can for people. It was lovely being able to help and support them in helping the local community.”

Since it launched 10 years ago, The Bay Foodbank has prepared over 45,000 boxes.

The foodbank prides itself on offering a high level of dignity to people who may never have used a food bank before.

Co-founder Reverend Alan Dickinson said last October there had been “a huge spike in demand” with around 30% of the people referred being in work but not managing on their wages.

“From April 2021 to March 2022 we supplied 6053 parcels for 7098 adults, 3442 children and 158 babies, so hopefully this demonstrates just how vital every donation is and how much we sincerely appreciate what we are given.”

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