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How to pay for your journeys in advance

If you are a Pre-Paid account holder: Top-up in advance via…

1) App

2) Website

3) Automated telephone payment line on 0191 574 0030

If you are not a Pre-Paid account holder: Purchase up to 10 journeys, valid for 12 months

1) Via the Website:

Click on “Pay your toll” on the homepage

Choose “Pay now” under the “Guest Payment” block

Enter your Vehicle Registration Number

Enter the amount of journeys you’d like to purchase in advance, followed by your email address. Then press “Next”

Fill out the payment information, then press “Pay” at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to see how many of your purchased journeys are remaining, you can check on our website here.

2) App

After downloading the app, click option 2 for “Pay for Passage”

Click “Get Started” and follow the same steps as our website, mentioned above.

2) Automated telephone payment line on 0191 574 0030

3) At a PayPoint retailer

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