Plan your Visit: Travelling Southbound

See the drive through how-to video above, or follow the steps below:

When you approach the Southbound tunnel, drive straight through using either lane for the A19, and the left lane for the A185.

Bear to the left for vehicle inspection.

For vehicles with a height of 4.8m or above, approach in the right lane until passing the Metro Bridge due to the height limitations, and then move back to the left lane afterwards to access the inspection lanes.


When you leave the Southbound tunnel, you can use either lane to continue straight on the A19. If you want to exit via the A185 for South Shields or Jarrow, bear left.

Please note: you will have the opportunity to change lane before the exit, however we would recommend travelling through the Southbound tunnel in the left lane if you would like to exit onto the A185 at the end of the Southbound tunnel.



Payment at the Tyne Tunnels is no longer available at the point of passage. If you haven’t Pre-Paid for your passage, you must pay by midnight the day after travel.

See all payment methods available here.

To allow for the smoothest travel, we recommend a Pre-Paid account. This means you can top up your account before travelling so that you can drive straight through the Tunnels without stopping and no further action is required. The toll will be deducted from your account via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras as you drive through the tunnels. You also save 10% on every passage.

Exempt Customers

If you are an exemption customer and have your exemption registered against an online account, no further action is required.

If you are unregistered, please register here. Until you have received confirmation from us that your exemption is active, the toll is payable.