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Tyne Tunnels Woodland – A Habitat Restoration Project w/ Tyne Rivers Trust

We have teamed up with an environmental charity to transform the woodland above our tunnels – creating an accessible, sustainable community asset that will be enjoyed for generations.

We are working with Tyne Rivers Trust on a habitat-restoration project in approx. 4.5 ha. of forest that sits directly above out Northbound tunnel, in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

Once complete, the woods will be used by local community groups, schools and our 150 employees as a space to develop, encourage wildlife and carry out educational activities.

The first stage of the project has just begun and involves mapping flora, plant and wildlife species and monitoring animal feeders to help shape the plans for the restoration.

The nature development, which will be a continuous project over a number of years, includes planting a wildflower meadow and installing new fencing, walkways and creating clearings to host group visits and educational activities. Schools and community groups will be invited to get involved, helping with things like making bird feeders and bug hotels.

Our CEO, Philip Smith, which operates the Tyne Tunnels, said: “We are really excited at the prospect of the tunnels sitting under a wonderful, flourishing, biodiverse green haven for wildlife, plants and trees that local people can visit and enjoy. The team here are keen to do everything possible to make the Tyne Tunnels as sustainable as possible and this project will be a key part of that.”

Tyne Rivers Trust is the only environmental charity dedicated to looking after the Tyne Rivers. Its work is vital to tackle the effects of climate change and support the wildlife and landscape of the Tyne rivers.

Simone Saville, My Tyne Project Officer at Tyne Rivers Trust says: “It’s fantastic to see an unused space being transformed into a more diverse habitat for nature to flourish and local groups to enjoy.

Making any space more biodiverse benefits the whole of the Tyne catchment as it supports the wider eco system.”

We have slashed our carbon emissions by 90% since we changed to open-road-tolling last year and have achieved Carbon Neutral status for a second year running by reducing our direct and indirect emissions, from owned or controlled sources.

The biggest impact has been made from optimising energy consumption through employee initiatives and education, LED lighting installation and purchasing 100% green energy.

The recent introduction of open-road-tolling, a team garden with beehives, employee composting and an electric vehicle added to the TT2 fleet are all supporting the Government’s 2050 net zero target by reducing TT2’s carbon footprint and energy consumption.

We recently announced that we will be celebrating our green achievements by off-setting our 150 employees’ annual carbon footprints – which are a combined total of 1,043 tonnes, costing £4,533 – by donating that cash to help reduce pollution in Delhi, India.

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