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Woodland Updates: Autumn 2023


The TT2 woodland project has been developing well this quarter.

Since summer and the transition into autumn, our woodland cameras have been continuing to roll and pick up the movements and activity of the wildlife in the woodland. We have seen our beehives continue to buzz with the help of Beekeeper Ian. They provide a vital role in the ecosystem health, including pollinating plants and facilitating their reproduction.

“Scrat”, the resident mischievous squirrel named by TT2 staff, and his friends continue to explore the land, as well as the many birds and foxes spotted over the past months.

Our mixture of sunflower seeds and peanuts continue to be scattered infront of our cameras, to attract movement from the wildlife and to detect this on our cameras. This method is a great way to look into the animals behaviors, providing valuable insights for our project going forward in the future.

We continue working towards our goal of welcoming school visits to the woodland, inspiring sustainable living amongst the younger generation, and making the area generally more useable for all. We change the locations of our wildlife cameras periodically to capture new movement. They take high quality photos and crystal clear videos automatically when movement is detected.

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