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10th Anniversary of The Second Tyne Tunnel

Happy 10th Anniversary to Tyne Tunnel 2 🥳
On the 18th July 2012, Her Majesty the Queen officially opened the second Tyne Tunnel. This day marked a celebration of years of work and planning for the construction of the second tunnel.
When the original tunnel was opened in 1967, it carried around 4,000 vehicles a day. With the addition of the second tunnel, the Tyne Tunnels carried around 40,000 vehicles per day in 2012!
Flash forward to today, in November 2021 we transitioned to our Open Road Tolling system and we are now carrying around 60,000 vehicles per day! Our project (Tyne Pass) to introduce Open Road Tolling has been the biggest project undertaken since the construction and opening of the second tunnel. Open Road Tolling was a huge technological advancement in our operation. We have since removed our toll plazas meaning you can now drive straight through and pre-pay or pay by midnight the day after your journey.
Last month, we saw our busiest day for traffic, ever. Plus, now Northbound journeys are 39 seconds faster and southbound trips, 26 seconds quicker – on average across a day.

Learn more about our progress with Open Road Tolling

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