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Tyne Tunnels App Update – Apple Pay and Auto Top-up (and how-to guide)

We have some new exciting updates for our App! Say hello to Apple Pay and Auto Top-up!

We introduced Auto Top-up for Pre-paid customers in July (web version) and you can now enjoy the convenience of managing Auto Top-up on your account with our App on iOS or Android!

Visit our Auto Top-up page to see a how-to guide on setting up for web/App and read our FAQs.

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Apple Pay is a quick way on our iOS App to top-up conveniently.

Read our step-by-step how-to guide on how to use Apple Pay on our App below:

Step 1 – Sign up for a Pre-paid account

Only Pre-paid account holders can use our App, you can sign up here. Find out the benefits of getting a Pre-paid account here.

Step 2 – Login and click “View Account”

Tyne Tunnels Pre-paid App

Step 3 – Click “Top-up”

Tyne Tunnels Pre-paid App

Step 4 – Select a top-up amount either from the quick selection options or by specifying an amount. Then click the black Apple Pay logo.

Tyne Tunnels Pre-paid App

Step 5 – Check your top-up is correct and complete the transaction.

Tyne Tunnels Pre-paid App

Step 6 – You will then be presented with a screen to let you know that your top-up was successful.

You will also receive a confirmation email if your payment was successfully or not.

Get a Pre-paid account to make use of all these new features!

Create a Pre-paid account

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