Blue Badge Exemption Application

Please read our how-to guide on submitting an application if you’re unsure how to complete the form, here.

You have to renew your exemption every 12 months.

If you are a Blue Badge holder or you are entitled to nil road tax either through the Motability scheme or if your vehicle is exempt due to a disability, you qualify for free travel through the Tyne Tunnels.

How to claim exemption

You can apply for a Toll Exemption Account which will be reviewed by TT2. Once confirmed, your vehicle registration number will be added to your account and will be recognised by our ANPR cameras. This means that you do not have to press for help at the barrier to display your exemption as our cameras will automatically recognise your exemption via your vehicle registration.

Please note the maximum file size for attachments in this form is 6000kb. File types of PNG, JPG, JPEG and PDF are accepted.

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