Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Customer Complaints and Unpaid Toll Charge Notice (UTCN) Appeals

Customers have the opportunity to make a complaint to TT2 Ltd via our website, via email through our web form, via phone to our Customer Contact Centre and also in writing to our office.

Customers wishing to appeal a UTCN can do so via our website or in writing to our office. All appeals will be managed in accordance with TT2 Ltd Business Rules. Each case will be managed on an individual basis to identify customer circumstance, vulnerability issues and any other factor which may have impacted the situation.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Stage 1: Initial Complaint/Appeal Received – Complaints and Appeals will be reviewed, investigated and responded to by a member of the Customer Service team within 10 working days. For any UTCN appeals, administration fees are frozen from the date of when the appeal has been received.

Stage 2: Formal Resolution – For Customers who are unhappy with the stage 1 response, they can ask for their complaint/appeal to be reviewed again. This will be investigated by the Customer Operations Team Leader with a rationale for the decision made. UTCN appeals where no reason, other than disagreeing with the stage 1 decision, will not be accepted.

Stage 3: Final Resolution – For Customers who appeal the stage 2 decision, their complaint will be escalated to the Customer Operations Manager or alternatively someone at that level should they be unavailable. A written response will be provided with a rationale for the decision made and this decision will be final. Failure to pay for a UTCN at this stage upon request will result in the case being passed to a 3rd party debt recovery agency and additional enforcement fees will be applied.