Barrierless Operation is available on Prepaid Only Lanes at the Tyne Tunnels. Read about how it works here
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Make a Payment After Your Journey

Pay using your Pay Later (Schedule of Charge) reference Number

You can make a payment no later than midnight of the day following your journey.

Pay Schedule of Charge

Pay or appeal Unpaid Toll Charge Notice (UTCN)

If you want to make a payment for or appeal a UTCN

Pay or appeal UTCN


Pay Later (Schedule of Charge) and UTCN Timeline

Charges will be applied for failure to pay within the time and date stated on your Pay Later (Schedule of Charge)

TT2 always recommend you pay for your journey as soon as possible although we do allow up until midnight of the following day of your journey to make payment.

Simply input the information on your Pay Later (Schedule of Charge). Then you can input your billing details and your payment will be confirmed.


Click here to Pay Later (Schedule of Charge) payment

If TT2 don’t receive your toll payment before the time stated on the ticket, TT2 will need to contact the DVLA to request the name and address of the Registered Keeper of the vehicle so that an Unpaid Toll Charge Notice (UTCN) can be sent.


Click here to Pay or Appeal UTCN


A UTCN is generated and then sent to the Registered Keeper of the vehicle. The amount payable will be £60.00 + your toll amount (reduced to £30.00 + your toll amount if paid within 14 days of the UTCN generated date).

If you wish to appeal the UTCN there’s details included which explain what steps are needed. Once an appeal is made, the timer stops until your appeal is reviewed (allow 10 working days for a response).


Click here to Pay or Appeal UTCN

If payments are not received for your UTCN by this point the total charge will increase £100 + toll charge and the case will be passed on to a 3rd party debt collection/legal team, where additional administrative charges will be applied.

TT2 cannot discuss cases at this stage and all correspondence will be dealt with through a 3rd party debt collection/legal team.


Click here to Pay or Appeal UTCN

How Does Pay Later Work?


With the introduction of Pay Later TT2 will no longer be taking card payments at the point of passage and TT2 will no longer be giving change at the lane (the change machine will still be available at the lay-by.) Card payments will be made via the Pay Later option.

The new layout of the Tyne Tunnel toll booths with Pay Later

At the Tolls

Approach any Toll Booth as normal, use any lane that is available. Press the green button and wait for the schedule of charge to be printed. Take the Pay Later (Schedule of Charge,) keep it somewhere safe as you’ll need it to pay, and the barriers will lift. You can now continue your journey.

You have until midnight the following day to pay for your passage.

Here’s a short video explainer so you know exactly what to expect

How Does Unpaid Toll Charge Notice (UTCN) Work?

To pay your UTCN, you’ll need your UTCN reference number starting with “TT” from your UTCN letter.

Click the blue box below to pay your UTCN.


Failing to make payment for the required toll by the stated payable date and time or to make a payment of the appropriate toll charge through failure to comply with the traffic signals in lane will result in an unpaid toll charge notice (UTCN) being issued and the following charge will apply: £60 in addition to the toll if paid in full within 28 days of the date of notice.

Provided the payment is received in full within 14 days from the date of the notice a reduced charge of £30 in addition to the toll will be payable.

Important: Failure to pay an unpaid toll charge in full within 28 days of the date of the notice will incur a charge of £100 in addition to the toll charge. This will be pursued via an external 3rd Party Debt Collection Agency/Legal Team, and if necessary recovered through a UK Court. All associated expenses incurred as a result will be applied in addition to the total TT2 debt and pursued in full.


Who is 'Pay Later' for?

This payment method is for customers who do not yet have a pre-paid account and do not have change available at the toll booths.

What if I lose my schedule of charge?

As long as you are still within the payment window (by midnight of the following day of your journey) following your journey, you can recover the reference number of your Pay Later (Schedule of Charge) by clicking here.

If you are outside of the payment window and the Pay Later (Schedule of Charge) ticket is unpaid, an Unpaid Toll Charge Notice will be posted following a request to the DVLA for the registered keeper’s details.

Can I still pay by cash at the booth?

Yes. You can still pay the toll at the booth using cash (coins only). Just drop the coins into the ‘Pay now’ area as normal. However, we will no longer be giving out change to people who only have notes. If you find yourself without change you must can use the Pay Later option.

Are the change machines still available at the Lay-by?

Yes. If you want to pay at the booths at the time of passage and you only have notes, you can still use the change machines that are available in the lay-by before reaching the tolls.

Why have I been sent a UTCN?

UTCNs are issued either when a Pay Later (Schedule of Charge) is not paid by midnight of the following day of your journey, or if you have been through a Pre-Paid lane and not stopped at the red light to make provision to pay.