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How do I get a receipt of my journeys?

Your email confirmation is your receipt which can be printed from your email inbox. If you are a Pre-Paid account holder you can also download your activity using the Export activity function from your account activity page. For further instructions … Read more

How to save a card on your Pre-Paid account

Via the website… Step 1 – Login to your Pre-Paid account and click “Wallet” on the sidebar Step 2 – Click “Add a new saved card” Step 3 – A pop-up will appear, enter your card details. Step 4 – … Read more

Why is a “Correction” showing on my account?

Manual corrections can be made to accounts for a number of reasons. Please see the common reasons below; Your number plate was not read with high confidence. In this instance a staff member will review the vehicle image and deduct … Read more

What are the benefits of a Pre-Paid account?

A Pre-Paid account is the most efficient way of paying for your journey as the cost is deducted from your credit. ✔ Receive 10% discount per passage ✔ Pay for passages already made within the payment window ✔ Pay for … Read more

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