FAQs / Important Information

Am I still exempt from the tolls?  

Yes. If you are a Blue Badge holder or you are entitled to nil road tax either through the Motability scheme or if your vehicle is exempt due to a disability, you qualify for free travel through the Tyne Tunnels.

When do I need to move to ANPR?  

As soon as possible. If you register your vehicle and exemption details with us before we move to Open Road Tolling, you can use any lane at the plaza without showing your Blue Badge or exemption pass. After we move to Open Road Tolling your toll exemption will be automatically detected by association with your vehicle registration.

What will happen if I don’t register my vehicle registration with my exemption details? 

If you don’t register your vehicle registration with your exemption details, your exemption will not be recognised by our system and you will need to display your Blue Badge at the tolls in order to claim your exemption. When we move towards Open Road Tolling, you will have to pull into an inspection lane to present your exemption.

Can I still show my Blue Badge to claim exemption?

Until we move towards Open Road Tolling, you will be able to display your Blue Badge at the tolls for inspection. When we move to Open Road Tolling, we will have inspection lanes for those that are exempt from toll charges. Customers who are exempt will have to pull over to these lanes have their Blue Badge or exemption pass inspected by a Tunnel Officer.  However this option will be available for a limited time and queue times will vary, a far more convenient way to claim your exemption is to register for an exempt account.  This will significantly reduce your journey times through the Tunnels.

I’ve previously used a permit. If this is activated again, can I use this?  

No. As we upgrade the technology at the Tyne Tunnels, the permits will no longer be in use as we will recognise all vehicles by their registration number. Therefore, we’ll require your Vehicle Registration Number to authorise your exemption.

I use more than one vehicle, how will this work?

You can only register one vehicle for your exemption. You will have the option to change your registered vehicle once per month, but you will need to contact us by telephone or online in order to do this.

What if I need to change my registered vehicle more than once per month?

You will not be able to make more than one change per month to the vehicle registration on your account. If you are using an alternative vehicle and have already used your one change per month, you will be able to press for help and display your blue badge at the tolls on your journey. After we move towards Open Road Tolling, you will then need to pull into the inspection lane in order for inspection by a Tunnel Officer.

What if the vehicle I’m travelling in is a registered pre-paid user?

If the vehicle you are travelling in is a registered pre-paid user, you will not be able to add this vehicle against your exemption. Instead, you will need to display your Blue Badge at the tolls and the owner of the vehicle will have to log into their own account and remove their vehicle registration in order to prevent our cameras from deducting the balance from their account.

They will then need to ensure that they add their vehicle registration back onto their accounts for any future paid journeys.

I already submitted my application for my exemption account, what do I need to do?

We are in the process of working through the backlog of applications. We will be contacting all customers who have submitted an exemption application in order to obtain their vehicle registration number.

However, in the meantime, you can provide this to us by completing this form.