Permit Migrations

Why is this happening?

As we move towards Open Road Tolling, the technology that recognises your exemption permit will no longer work. Our new technology will work solely on identifying your exemption by your vehicle registration number.

As such, it’s really important that we get you moved over now to ensure that you are fully prepared for this change and to make it as effortless as possible for you.

When is this happening?

We will be carrying out this work over the course of around 12 weeks. We will start contacting the first batch of customers at the end of June 2021, with the last batch being contacted by the end of September 2021.

How is this happening?

We will be in contact with you at some point over the next 12 weeks as we are carrying this out in phases. As mentioned above, the first batch of customer contact will be issued at the end of June 2021. We will then be contacting a new batch of customers each week all the way through until the end of September 2021.

We will either be emailing you where we have your email address, or writing to you where we do not. It’s therefore really important that your details are up to date.

Once you receive your correspondence, you should see the date by which we will be deactivating your permit. This will be around 1 week after the date of your letter / email. It’s really important that you provide us with your nominated vehicle registration before the date your permit is due to be deactivated.