Tyne Pass FAQs

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What is Open Road Tolling?

Open Road Tolling means there is no longer a need to stop at a toll plaza; we use an advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system inside each Tunnel to detect your Vehicle Registration Number and we’ll either deduct the toll from your account or you can pay by midnight the day after your journey on our website, via our automated top-up line or at a PayPoint retailer using cash.

State of the art technology allows for a smoother journey without the toll plazas. You simply drive straight through the tunnels without any delays. This transforms this key North East transport link, benefiting businesses, customers, the environment and the local community.

When is Tyne Pass happening?

Tyne Pass is now live meaning you can drive straight through the Tunnels without stopping.

How do I pay?

You can view all available payment methods at Tyne Pass here.

Do I have to stop anywhere?

You do not need to stop. Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras read your Vehicle Registration Number as you travel through the tunnels at normal speed.

Stopping will still apply for abnormal loads as normal and for Blue Badge Exempt customers that are travelling with their physical Blue Badge as this will need to be inspected in the designated inspection lanes.

How does this work for exempt customers?

You continue to receive your exemption. Blue Badge/ exempt customers have been contacted to migrate from their physical permit to an online account. This allows customers to drive straight through without stopping. More info for Blue Badge/exempt customers can be found here.

How will this improve the environment?

Stop/start traffic plays a big part in overall emission levels. Not having to stop and start again means lower emissions and pollution in the surrounding area. Tyne Pass reduces emissions by 50,000 tonnes each year.

Can I still pay by cash?

You cannot pay by cash anymore at the point of crossing. However, PayPoint retailers will allow you to pay in store by cash. The closest retailer is only 300 metres away from the Tyne Tunnels.

I only travel through on a rare occasion so I prefer to pay cash. How do I pay?

There are several options to pay without a Pre-paid account. Please see “How do I pay?” above to see what options are available.

Why haven’t you just provided contactless payments instead?

Implementing contactless payments would have counteracted our plans to progress to Open Road Tolling. Learn more about why we haven’t implemented contactless payments at the tolls here.

I travel by motorbike. Do I still travel for free at Tyne Pass?

Yes. Customers travelling by a motorbike still continue to be exempt from paying the toll.